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American Standard Champion 4 Vs Champion 4 Max

American Standard has built a good reputation when it comes to providing high-performance and stylish bathroom solutions. Many people have become familiar with the brand due to its reliability and high-quality products. The company has led the way in producing innovative bathroom products for the last 140 years. It benefits from a long history of learning and adapting to growing trends.

Two of its most popular offerings that many have grown to love to include the Champion 4 and Champion 4 Max toilets. You’ll find them in countless homes, hotels, stadiums, and other places that people commonly visit. However, not many are familiar with their features and differences. In this post, we’ll take a look at what both offer to help you distinguish them and pick the right one for you.

Champion 4 Description

The Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet that comes in different sizes and colors. It’s one of the heavier products that American Standard produces. Nevertheless, it takes up little space in your bathroom and is a good fit for a large room. It enables you to walk comfortably without having to squeeze yourself into any space.

The Champion 4 is also high and wide enough to allow you to sit comfortably on it. Since it’s a one-piece, it fits perfectly on any small corner that you may have in your bathroom. Some of the features that make it easy to install the toilet include a Speed Connect Drain that’s part of a convenient toilet installation system. You can easily fit parts without using any complicated tools.

The toilet comes pre-assembled with parts and drains that are easy to attach. You can even set it up on your own, without needing the help of an expert. All you need to do is ensure the rod sits at a good height and the seat is tightly fixed to the drain.

The Champion 4 also features a 4-inch piston accelerator flush valve that provides adequate flushing power. This helps to clean the toilet of its contents using good valves and an efficient mechanism. The valve is also large, making flushing a fast process. A 2 and 3/8-inch glazed trapway takes away the hassle of flushing and reduces the chances of there being a clog.

The trip lever on the Champion 4 is made with chrome and provides great grip. It is comfortable to hold and pull down. You can get the trip lever finished in either the default chrome, white, satin, or polished brass. Lastly, the toilet itself is easy to clean thanks to its smooth design. Its Oblong style and glazing trim prevent dirt from accumulating over time.


  1. Enough flushing power to clean dirt and mold
  2. Sturdy vitreous china ensures the toilet lasts longer
  3. 4-inch valve provides 3X flushing speed
  4. Great seat and cover
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Has 10 years of quality assurance to help restore and repair it


  1. Heavier and hence difficult to move or carry
  2. Costly compared to other toilets in its range

Champion 4 Max

The Champion 4 Max is a lighter toilet model that weighs just 113 pounds. It is easy to move around, carry or pull into any bathroom. It has no bulkiness and makes sure one person can fix and install it without help. However, it is still about 70% larger than other toilets.

Its water flowing power is a bit less than that of the Champion 4. It provides 1.28 gallons per flush. This ensures you’re getting enough cleaning water and also reduces the amount of time it takes to refill. A single flush alone can move about 2.2 pounds of waste with great power and efficiency.

The toilet has a 12-inch rough that provides enough distance between the wall and the toilet. This makes sure you get enough space for your back and knees. It also helps to achieve versatility in your bathroom and increase comfort for everyone. Everyone gets a good sit feeling no matter their age.

Having been constructed with the finest technology, the toilet boasts a maximum performance of 1,000 grams per flush. This helps to clean the surface, rim, and bowl in a single flush. A brilliant water tank system ensures that the water is always adequate and never wasted. It also fills quickly to prevent any time wastage.

The Champion 4 Max is built with water conservation in mind. You get a good flush while using less water. Its strong flushing power enables the water to flow and clean the surfaces efficiently without a snag. This helps to save your utility bills as well as on the present and future expenses. Its construction is of high quality and helps you to use the toilet for a long time.


  1. Great height and design make sitting easy for people of all ages.
  2. 10 years of quality assurance ensures you get part replacements easy.
  3. The toilet is a 2-piece option and is easy to install.
  4. Mold and dirt rarely accumulate thanks to its Ever Clean surface.
  5. A slow-close lid eliminates the slamming noise when closing.
  6. A large MaP rating of 1000 grams makes it easy to move a large mass of the waste.


  1. Many buyers have found the tank cracked after using it for a few years.
  2. Produces clicking sounds when flushing.


The Champion 4 Mas is a better toilet in that it provides all the necessary features one may need at a reasonable price. Its effective flushing system ensures you have a nice clean surface every time you use your toilet. The Champion 4 falls short here because it’s heavier and costs more than the Champion 4 Max. However, it also offers great features that many people are looking for.


Which American Standard toilet can flush golf balls?

The Titan flushing platform is a high-performance toilet that was built to prevent clogging. In a single flush, it can push a bucket of golf balls. It uses just about 1.6 gallons of water to provide a powerful flush that can move up to 70% more mass than other toilets.

What is the tallest American Standard toilet?

The Champion 4 MAX Tall Elongated Toilet is the tallest toilet from American Standard.

What toilet do plumbers recommend?

Due to its no-clog features, plumbers recommend the American Standard Champion 4 toilet. It only uses about 1.6 GPF water to clean the bowl and remove all the waste.

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