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Best Socket Organizer

Socket organizers come in a range of shapes, designs and specifications. They are flexible depending on the job ambitions and how to use the sockets. They also come in a variety of colors, tray sizes, and options to adjust features when desired. Any main features to include when choosing include:

Socket computing capacities

Think how many sockets you like or actually own). Any socket organizers can hold only small sockets. If you have a limited set, this does not bother. However, whether you own fifty or more sockets, it’s certainly something to remember since you need to buy a multi-tray socket organizer. Ideally, you can buy the biggest socket organizer available for your budget and space—you never know when to start accumulating more sockets.

Mounting power

Many organizers may be installed on wall or workbench. Not all are designed to hang vertically. If you’re going to hang your socket organizer on the wal, carefully study this part. You don’t want to invest in a high-quality socket organizer and carefully place all your sockets on it, only to let them fall off as soon as you hang the organizer on the wall.

Portability, Versatility

Purchase a socket organizer that fits the individual storage requirements. The last reason you need is buy a socket organizer you can’t shift or take with you. Few socket organizers come with magnetic strips to make hanging or affixing in your car simpler. These strips also allow you to clip objects to the organizer itself, so you can be sure you don’t lose track in transit.

Certain characteristics

Such socket features include extra features. For example, you might find that your large sockets require larger portable slot organizers. Other organizers come with multi-slot tray. Often you can install magnetic or metal clip organizers.

Grip 6 pc Socket Organizer Tray Set

Grip Socket Organizer is the best organizer for your money. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but the job is done at low cost.

A heavy duty, solidly molded plastic tray. It provides spaces for shallow and deep sockets, making 1⁄4,” 3⁄8,” 1⁄2″ for MM and SAE. Your work room takes up less space. According to consumer feedback, it adds very little extra height to the sockets and works inside a three-inch cabinet. This makes it the perfect organizer for low-free workers (which is most of us!).

The organizer also stores hex-up sockets, making it easy to pinch sockets. White letters on the spine distinguish regular and deep sockets, and each tray is color coded. The trays’ size and color make it easy to tell whether they are 1⁄4, 3⁄8, or 1⁄2-inch drive.

This socket organizer’s only con is that the worker looking to hang sockets vertically on the wall doesn’t fit well. It’s certainly better built for horizontal use as sockets appear to hang loosely and collapse if hung on the wall. But if this isn’t a functionality you’re hunting for, it’s the perfect option for a low-cost socket organizer.

Hansen Global 92000 SAE & Metric Socket Storage Trays – 6 Piece Set

The Hansen Global 92000 is a perfect method for arranging machinery, removing unwanted clutter. It has some special, useful features to help you remain clean and on-task. It’s more expensive than other rated socket organizers, but it has added flexibility and organizing features that make it a decent bet for your money.

Each post on this organizer is labelled for a particular socket size. The posts are lined with thick rubber, even if fallen or knocked askew. The trays are made of gas and oils-resistant ABS plastic. It will help discourage contaminants from chewing away at trays, which in addition to your precious sockets will increase the lifespan of trays themselves.

Each six-pack socket tray holds six separate socket trays per package. Includes 1/4″ Metric, 1/4″ Fractional, 3/8″ Metric, 3/8″ Fractional, 1/2″ Metric and 1/2″ Fractional. Heavy-duty organisers have fast and convenient entry. The only concern about this socket organizer is it doesn’t always suit different socket brands. However if desired, pegs may be sanded to store individual sockets, rendering this a minor issue.

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