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Delta Vs Kohler

Without a doubt, Delta is one of the most popular faucet brands on the market today. It provides a wide range of products to choose


Delta and Kohler are two of the most popular brands for making the best kitchen faucets. They have both been in the industry for a while with Delta dating to as far back as 1954 and Kohler 1873. They aim to make your life more comfortable in the kitchen, whether you’re doing some dishwashing or fetching water.

In today’s guide, we’ll look at what both companies have on offer and the differences between their products. This will help you make a better decision the next time you decide to get some kitchen faucets for your home.

Delta Description

The Delta Faucet Company is a company that is globally recognized for producing quality flush valves, faucets, and other related accessories. They also make showerheads and toilet seats. The company also operates a separate luxury brand called Bizo.

Bizo sells faucets that are distinguished by their eco-friendliness, aesthetics, and elegance. Overall, Delta knows how to blend innovation with the everyday activities that people do in the kitchen. You also get to enjoy plenty of options since faucets come in contemporary, transitional, and traditional designs.

One of the technologies it has incorporated into its faucets include the Touch2O. It allows users to touch anywhere on the faucet to activate water flow. This makes it easier for people to operate it. Even if your hands are full, you can use your wrist to turn the faucet on.

SpotShield is also another exciting technology that Delta uses. It ensures that your faucets look clean and shiny all the time by reducing the amount of dirt that deposits on them. It also keeps them safe from water spots, stains and fingerprints by incorporating antimicrobial protection in the finishing.

If you’ve ever struggled with returning the wand back in place after pulling it down to deliver a decent wash on those dishes, Delta ensures that you no longer have to with its MagnaTite Docking technology. The technology incorporates a magnet in every faucet that helps the wand to snap back in place once you’re done with it. Unlike other brands, Delta models do not droop with time. They stay intact and precisely in place.

Strong Sides

  1. Available with stain and fingerprint resistant features
  2. Experiences minimal leaks
  3. Secure docking for flexible wand

Weak Sides

  1. Touch activation makes it easy to turn the faucet on by accident
  2. Some models have a low arc, which may take space in your kitchen sink

Kohler Description

Kohler is a leader in the manufacture of plumbing fixtures and other products like bathroom faucets, kitchen sinks, and related accessories. It’s one of the oldest companies with more than 36,000 global associations.

The best part about Kohler kitchen faucets is that most feature the Response Touchless technology. This technology helps users to activate the faucet without having to touch it. All you need to do is wave your hand or utensil under the water sensor to start flowing.

Besides, the faucet is designed to deactivate after four minutes of inactivity. This helps to save water. You don’t even have to worry about your house flooding just in case you forget to turn it off. The in-built sensor identifies periods of inactivity when the faucet is not in use.

Kohler made sure its faucets have several spray designs. This comes backed up by Boost technology that helps to regulate the flow rate of water. You get to enjoy up to 30% more flow every time you use the faucet. All you need to do is push the button located near the wand.

Also, the Sweep spray technique in Kohler faucets makes it easy for you to remove sticky food pieces that won’t just come off the plate. A forceful flow emanates from angled nozzles to help you clean your utensils in about half the time.

Kohler also includes a magnetic docking system called DockNetik. It incorporates powerful magnets that are located within the body. Like Delta, it also works to keep the wand stable and in place to prevent it from drooping. When you need to pull down the head, all it needs is just a gentle tug.

Strong Sides

  1. Durable fixtures
  2. Versatile designs
  3. Boost technology makes it easy to remove sticky food stains

Weak Sides

  1. Relatively expensive

Overview and Conclusion

A comparison between Delta and Kohler mainly narrows down to three things: price, design, and durability. They both offer several finishes to choose from at varying price points. Delta gains the upper hand at making its faucets resistant to water spots, stains, and fingerprints. On the other hand, Kohler offers reliable touchless technology to make working with its faucets easier. You do not need to touch them to activate them.

When it comes to price, Kohler has some of the most expensive faucets on the market. It is not a top priority for those that are on a budget. Some of its high-end faucets can go up to $3,000, while those from Delta rarely ever cost more than $1,000. All in all, both brands still strive to achieve the best quality in the industry at a great price.


Is Delta a good brand?

From, all at a relatively affordable price. The company competes well against other brands and offers a lot more to innovation and style.

Are Delta faucets the same quality?

All Delta faucets are made to meet the brand’s quality standards, no matter where they are made or purchased. As long as two similar products from different places have the same model number, be assured that there will be no difference in their quality.

Is Kohler at Home Depot the same quality?

Like other similar brands that you’d get a plumbing store, Kohler products sold at Home Depot are of the same quality and price.

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