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Double-Hung vs. Single-Hung Windows

When we search for new windows, we want to have the ones that will make your house more attractive and more efficient in terms of energy. The window market is enormous – it offers us a great variety of windows of single and double hung. Which of them are the best? We have created a small comparison guide that will help you make a choice according to your requirements and budget. 

The single and double-hung windows – how do they differ? 

There is one difference between the single and the double windows – the sash moving ability – in the single-hung window, you have only one sash moved; in the double-hung windows, both sashes are functional. 

Why do the customers select the windows of the double hung? There are several explanations to it:

  • Thanks to their all-sashes moving ability, you can use and clean them easily.
  • They come in various styles that will add elegance to your house;
  • They deliver better ventilation as they let more air come through the sashes;
  • You can surely allow your children to open these windows as they have an excellent level of safety. 

What pros do the single windows have?

  • In comparison with the double-hung windows, they are budget-friendly and simple in installing; 
  • These windows are more efficient in terms of energy and much resistant against air leaks;
  • They are easy to install since you need to take into account not many moving elements. 

Pros and cons of the double-hung windows

As we’ve mentioned before, the double-hung windows have two sashes – the first is above the window and the second one is underneath. Thanks to their design versatility, they will perfectly fit any building design. Besides, they are simple in cleaning and secure for kids, but when it comes to efficiency, here, the single-hung windows beat them. 

The pros of windows of the double hung:

Simple in cleanup

When you clean the windows, you have to clean both sides of them. It can be hard to clean, especially if the upper slash is unmovable, as the lower sash does not let it move when you have the window open. Thanks to their all-sashes ability, you can easily clean the windows from the house inside. This feature is handy, especially for those who live in two-story homes (it is hard to clean the windows’ top as you cannot go outside). 

Great style choice

The double-hung windows can fit any building style thanks to their custom-made frame, glass trims, and variants of sizes. It does not matter your house style; any variant of the double-hung windows will perfectly suit it. 

Guaranteed kids’ safety

You have no reasons to worry – the small kids can easily go through the window’s opening. The double windows allow you to have the top sash open, and the low one closed, so your kids cannot climb out of the window. In case you want more security for your children, you can install the locks. 

More fresh air

Because of lack of humidity, you can have such problems as mold and bad smells. The double-hung windows can deal with it. The windows come with two sashes, which let more air come to the room. With both sashes left half-open, you will have more air from the lower sash and the warm air from the top sash. 

The cons of windows of the double hung:

No energy-saving

From the technical point of view, the double-hung windows are energy-saving. Why? Because when both sashes are open, they let more fresh air come to the room. If you want to have more efficient windows, we recommend considering windows with two or three panes of glass. Both single and double-hung windows can have double-pane glass. 


Compared to the windows of single hung, the double ones are not budget-friendly – they can be three times more expensive. Also, besides buying the windows, you need to spend a lot of money on installing. As the windows come with many elements, the installers must be sure that all the parts have the right fit because without it, the windows will not be energy-efficient. 

Hard maintenance

As the windows’ hardware can fray eventually, you have to clean the windows regularly. Only thanks to the constant cleaning you can smoothly open and close them. Besides, you need to have the tracks lubricated, and when the time comes, the springs changed. Today the double windows need less care, but still, they are harder in terms of house-keeping than the single windows.

Pros and cons of the windows of single hung

The single-hung windows fit better the historic houses such as cottages. It is preferable to install them on the first floor as they are easy-cleaned as you can clean them from the outside. Besides, compared to the double windows, these are budget-friendly, so every family can afford to buy them. 

The pros of windows:


It is the main peculiarity that attracts the buyers. Their price comprises around one-third of the price that the double-hung windows have. It is significantly noticeable if you change all your windows for the single-hung ones. 

Simple in installing

As for installing, you will not have any troubles with the single-hung windows as they do not have functional elements. For that reason they do not need to spend a lot of money compared to the double-hung windows.


If the windows with double hung are not correctly closed, you will have two problems – air drafts and less efficiency in terms of energy. Thanks to the one-sash ability, the single-hung windows allow your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system to work more effectively. Besides, the single-hung window efficiency will help you save money on utility costs and create a comfortable environment. 

The cons of the windows:

Hard to clean

The lower sash is easy to clean, but the top sash is not. If you want to clean the exterior plane side, you have to walk outside or just have your head stuck out from the window. When you open the window, you need to lift the lower sash – this way, you block the top sash of the window. 

Not safe for kids

When you open the lower sash of the window, you give your kid a chance to get hurt when climbing from the window’s opening. For more safety, you can have the lock in the window’s middle.

Old-fashioned design

The single-hung windows are perfect only for historic houses. If your house is made in other modern styles, these windows will not fit them.

Difficult in repairing

If you have the top sash broken, you need to install the brand-new window. 

That is all you need to know about the single and double-hung windows. Now the choice is yours. 

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