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Air-conditioners are in high demand during the summer. Who doesn’t want to stay cool? But, with so many brands out there, it can be hard to know which one is best for you.

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Pros and Cons

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Pros

When it comes to air-conditioners, there are many companies that produce them. One of the most popular brands is Frigidare and this article will review 11 pros and five cons so you can decide if this brand is right for you.

The first con of using an air conditioner by Frigidaireis their units do not come cheap! This means they are expensive which may be a problem since many people need more than one unit in order to cool down certain areas or rooms within their homes.

Frigidaire offers great customer service. If there are any malfunctions or defects in your unit then customers can easily reach someone who works for this company and assist them. They also offer energy-efficient products meaning less money spent on bills as well as comfortable temperatures. Another pro is how easy it was for most users to install these air conditioners because all of them come equipped with installation kits and manuals!

They also offer only limited warranties meaning that customers who purchase these products have little protection against any malfunctions or defects with their product! Fortunately, Frigidare has a few cons to counter this major con. These units are known for being pretty energy efficient! Another pro is that they have great customer service which means if there will be any malfunctions or issues with your unit you can easily reach someone in their company to assist you.

Another nice thing about these air conditioners is the fact that many customers have said how much easy it was to install them! That’s right, no need to pay extra money because most of their models come equipped with installation kits and manuals so you don’t have to worry about hiring another person who knows what they’re doing in order for your unit to function properly!

The final pro I want to discuss is the fact that even though some people may have issues with their units, frigidaire has a generous return policy which means if you do have any problems or are unhappy with your purchase they will accept it back! All in all, there are more pros than cons.

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Cons

When you purchase one, it may be a problem if you need more than one unit to cool down other areas in your home or office. The next big issue with these air conditioners is the limited warranties that come standard on each unit. This means customers who buy Frigidare products have little protection against malfunctions and defects which can also cause problems for people later on when they try to sell their used units! Luckily there are a few cons that counter this major con as well such as great customer service. Customers love how easy it was to install most models; no hiring someone else because all of them come equipped with installation kits and manuals! The final con I want to discuss is the fact that even though some people may have issues with their units, Frigidare has a generous return policy which means they will accept your product back if you are unhappy with it!

Haier Air Conditioner Pros and Cons

Haier Air Conditioner Pros

They offer great value for your money. You won’t find a brand that offers so many features at such an affordable price!

Installation is easy and can be done by most handy people, especially if you’re just replacing another air conditioner. If not, Haier will even send someone to help! Their units are energy efficient and use R410A refrigerant which means they’ll save on cooling bills in the long run. This makes them perfect for offices or businesses with lots of activity going on all summer. They have different models ranging from small window units to portable options up to central systems.

Haier Air Conditioner Cons

While the units are energy efficient they won’t be as powerful as other brands, especially on hot days. If you live in an area that gets super warm weather then Haier is not for you! The warranty might also leave something to be desired for some people who prefer better coverage and service options. That’s why it pays to do your research before making a purchase because even if there are great features at low prices sometimes it just isn’t worth saving $50 or so when quality suffers.

Unfortunately, Haier units don’t come with their own remote controls meaning you’ll need to buy them separately. If that’s not a big deal for you, then it shouldn’t be too much of an issue!


It’s still impossible to pick the absolute winner after a thorough examination of the two industry leaders in air conditioning. So, read about the pros and cons of each option before making your decision.

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