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Full vs Queen

The full-size has been the most preferred bed size for a lot of people over the years. Recently, the queen-size bed took over the spotlight and is now slowly growing in popularity. Picking between these two can be a hard task. This is especially, if you have no idea what their differences are.

There are also other factors to consider when choosing either. These factors include the size of your home, whether you sleep alone or with someone else, your budget, and the advantages and disadvantages that come with owning one of them. This article looks at both bed sizes and highlights their differences. This will help you decide which bed works well for you.

Full Description


A full-size bed is also known as a full bed or double bed. It is about 15 inches wider than the twin-size bed. It measures 75 inches long and 55 inches wide. Where two adults share it, each gets about 27 inches of space. This is about the same width offered by a crib. The bed may be a bit too short for some adults.

Sometimes, a full-size bed can only accommodate one adult. Having two adults on it can feel like a tight squeeze. Parents are also increasingly picking full-size beds for their teenagers as opposed to choosing twin size beds. This gives them enough space to sit and lie down as they grow.

full-size-bedStrong Sides

1. Cost relatively lower than queen size beds as frames, sheets, and mattresses are cheaper.

2. Not as heavy as queen size beds.

Weak Sides

1. May not be ideal for some couples.

2. May be harder to find bedding in different styles.

Queen Description


Queen size beds measure about 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. This is 5 inches longer and wider than a standard full size bed. The added inches provide extra comfort for couples. Each adult gets about 30 inches of space for themselves. However, the bed still offers 8 inches less space compared to sleeping alone on a twin bed.

Queen size beds are a great option for couples that don’t require a lot of sleeping space. They also help to leave extra space in the bedroom for other stuff. Adults that sleep alone will find the queen size bed big enough for their needs.

Strong Sides

1. Great option for couples

2. Offers more leg room

3. Has accessories that are easy to find

Weak Sides

1. Can be more expensive

2. Heavier than full size beds

3. Bedding such as bedspreads, comforters, and blankets may be too big for one person.


Full size beds offer great maneuverability to teenagers, single individuals, and young adults. Couples will be happier sleeping on a queen size bed since it offers more space. A queen bed also eliminates the need to purchase another bed if the owner decides to share it with someone else. This is something that a full bed cannot offer. For this reason, it makes more economical sense to buy a queen size bed than a full size bed.

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