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Gearwrench vs Tekton – key differences

Have you ever bought a wrench set? Chances are you have, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here on this page. A wrench set is a very useful tool to have in your garage or work area. You can save the time of having to look for different wrenches just to tighten up one bolt on some rusted old car that has been sitting in your driveway for decades. Not only that, but many people find it easier just to purchase a complete wrench kit rather than buying them each separately or borrowing from other people’s tools. This article will compare Wrench Sets by GearWrench (USA-made) vs Tekton (China-made).

Tekton Wrenches

China made and only one word to describe this wrench set; cheap. Out of all the reviews I have read about these wrenches, everyone states they are very low quality and should be avoided by anyone who doesn’t want to replace their tools in a few years.

They don’t even offer extensions to their wrench sets, which is odd because many times you need an extension for certain bolts that may not be close enough to the edge of whatever it is your tightening up. It’s almost like Tekton wants you to buy another wrench set to go with their first one (a bad move if you ask me). Not only that but some of their wrenches are made in China while others are ‘out sourced’ to other countries like Pakistan.


  • Cheap (good for people who don’t want to spend too much money on tools)


  • Won’t last very long (bad for people who actually want their tools to last more than two years)
  • The company does not stand by its product (bad if you actaully expect your wrench set to work properly and be durable).
  •  For the most part all Tekton wrenches are out sourced to other countries besides China.
  • Sizes limited compared to Gearwrench
  • Tektons wrenches do not stand up well over time; they round out easy and don’t grip as well as the more expensive gearwrench set.
  • Tekton does not offer their wrenches with a case like GearWrench does.

Gearwrench Wrenches

USA-made and these are very high-quality wrenches. GearWrench has been making tools for over 50 years, so you know they have perfected their craft. That being said, these are some of the best-made wrenches you can buy right now. With a warranty of 25 years, you don’t have to worry about the tools becoming dull or wearing down after a few uses. You get extensions with this set that will help you out when needed along with an interesting case that keeps everything organized in one place.


  • High quality (these are made to last)
  • Extensions included
  • Good variety of sizes


  • Can be pricey if bought individually (but they are still cheaper than SnapOn tools)

Wrench Set Comparison

The wrench sets of Gearwrench and Tekton are the most similar of all brands on this list. The tools within each set are almost identical, save for size differences. Each set has a different theme or concept that makes them unique besides just the color scheme (the Tekton set has metric wrenches partially hidden by standard wrenches, whereas the Gearwrench has “security” standards).

Both companies also offer this same line of tools with either chrome vanadium steel (Gearwrench) or alloy steel (Tekton) sockets. Chrome vanadium is considered premium, so it would be interesting to see if the small amount of dollars saved in going with Tekton is worth it. Despite these similarities, there are still some key differences that make the Gearwrench set better.


Both sets have a limited warranty – 25 years for Gearwrench and 1 year for Tekton.


Gearwrench is made from Chrome Vanadium steel, while Tekton is made from alloy steel. Chrome vanadium costs more but is much more durable and corrosion-resistant than alloy steel (similarly, chrome vanadium sockets cost $10-$15 more).


The only size difference is the 7/16″ wrench (skillfully hidden behind a standard 5/16″ in the Tekton set) and the extra deep well 11mm, 13mm, 15mm wrenches which Gearwrench offers as an “add-on”. Overall, the Gearwrench set has 24 sizes vs 20 for Tekton.

Only Gearwrench has extensions included in their basic set.


Gearwrench has security standards (raised edges on the 6 point wrenches for extra gripping power) whereas Tekton does not.

The Gearwrench set is superior because it is priced better than Tekton, made with better materials, and offers 12 more sizes than Tekton to choose from. If you are looking at these two brands side by side, there is no reason why you should go with Tekton over Gearwrench. Tekton only has 1 extra deep well-wrench compared to Gearwrnech’s 11, so that isn’t an advantage either.

If you don’t want to spend too much money on tools but still want something nice then go ahead and get the set here since they’re more affordable.

Color Scheme

One of my biggest complaints with the Tekton Wrench Set was their colors. The chrome vanadium steel wrenches were partially covered by standard steel ones so you couldn’t see them all at once without flipping through each wrench. Gearwrench doesn’t have this problem – all of the wrenches stand apart from each other and are easy to find within seconds of flipping through the case. Furthermore, they included extensions for those who need them which Tekton does not offer.


The price difference is fairly slight, but Gearwrench wrenches cost $28 for 7 pieces (which includes many more sizes than their competitors). Despite having fewer pieces than the Tekton set, the GearWrench set has 25 different sized tools so it can do much more than just cover standard socket sizes. For half as much money you’re getting two sets in one with a gear wrench.

Quality Of Tools

As one would expect, Gearwrench is higher quality than Tekton due to its price tag. However, it should be noted that even the cheapest materials are more durable than alloy steel tools. From my research on this topic, I have found that some people prefer Tektons over Gearwrenches because they believe the case offered by gear wrench is too bulky and not very suitable for storage of all wrenches. I have yet to find an owner of both sets who agrees with this statement or even considers keeping them in the same toolbox.


Both Gearwrench and Tekton include these sockets. I prefer the style of the beams of sockets because it is easier to see if a bolt or nut is at different angles within a tight space. This can make a huge difference when working on any kind of rusted or corroded components. On the other hand, swivel sockets can be more versatile allowing for greater access to bolts where there isn’t much clearance. For this reason, they are also included in both sets.


The shafts on the gear wrench set are longer than Tektons. This can be a good or bad thing depending upon your needs and preferences. Longer shafts allow you to get different angles and more speed without repositioning. However, if you need to use sockets in very tight spaces it might be difficult because, unlike swivel sockets, beams cannot bend around corners.


Both sets are pretty heavy. However, I believe that weight is something to consider when purchasing wrenches because it can get tiring carrying around too much weight for too long. The Gearwrench offers a lighter load with 1/2 the amount of steel especially in the box itself. The average person doesn’t need all of these extra tools so why pay for them? That’s what I thought until after using both sets and seeing how much more you get with Gearwrench. You’ve got your basic sockets, extensions, bezels, swivel sockets, regular sockets, deep well sockets, beams wrenches – basically two sets in one!


Gearwrench appears to have better craftsmanship than Tekton according to customer reviews available online (although some disagree). The durability rating is higher with gear wrench as well which makes them worth their price tag – you’re getting a product that will last longer than its cheaper alloy steel counterparts.


Tekton doesn’t make extensions, whereas Gearwrench offers an add-on (pro purchase) with two extensions and a universal joint.


All in all, it is up to you which wrench set you want. Both companies make very high-quality tools that will last for years of heavy use.

Gearwrench has a better color scheme, more variety of tools, and is made from higher quality materials. However, if you need extensions for your wrench set then Tekton might be the way to go. T

Tekton does not use Chrome Vanadium steel as Gearwrench does and your tools will probably become dull and worn out sooner; another reason why this is a bad idea is that the size difference may hinder the performance of your tool (example: you need a 12mm but only have a 13mm wrench). The chrome vanadium in Gearwrench’s sockets actually grips very well and won’t slip off when applying an excess force which is nice; their wrenches also don’t round out as easily compared to Tekton. They both work fine, but at the end of the day, GearWrench works better.

Otherwise, I believe that Gearwrench offers a better value for your money. That being said, Tekton makes a good product as well especially for those on a budget. Either way, both sets are good choices depending on personal preference and how much money you are willing to spend on your tools.

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