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Gorilla Glue is the best for tough repairs on dissimilar surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Super Glue: LIQUID – Instant repairs on small indoor projects. GEL – No run, control formula great for use on vertical surfaces. BRUSH & NOZZLE – Repairs requiring fine bristled brush or precision tip nozzle.

Open working time

for Gorilla Glue: ORIGINAL – 10-15 Minutes, WHITE – 5-10 Minutes. Super Glue – Not Repositionable.

Clamp Time for Gorilla Glue – ORIGINAL  – 1-2 Hours, WHITE – 30-60 Minutes.

Drying Time

Gorilla Glue ORIGINAL – 80% in 1-2 Hours, WHITE – 80% in 1 Hour. Super Glue – Light Handling After 1-5 Minutes.

Dry Color

Gorilla Glue: ORIGINAL – Light Tan, WHITE – Soft White. Super Glue – Clear.

Outdoor Use

Gorilla Glue – Waterproof, Passes ANSI/HPVA Type I. Super Glue – Not Recommended.


Gorilla Glue – Sandable, Paintable & Stainable. Super Glue – Sandable.


Gorilla Glue use on wood, metal, stone, ceramic, glass, plastic, pvc sheet, brick, concrete, foam. Super glue – wood, metal, stone, ceramic, plastic, pvc sheet, paper, rubber.

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