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iRobot Roomba e5 vs e6

Cleaning the house is always an exhausting thing. But today, it has become less exhausting thanks to the invention of the Roomba e-line – the iRobot, which makes the cleaning process more modern and easier.

The whole e-line includes many great electronic cleaners, but only two iRobots stand out from the crowd – e5 and e6. They are aimed to help you clean big territories. But there is one crucial thing – the cleaners will do their best only when you charge them correctly. You will surely appreciate all their power if you have pets.

At first sight, the e5 and e6 are almost identical, but we’ll see they are different if we take a look. Firstly, they are different when it comes to price. The Roomba e5 is less expensive than e6 as the last has two virtual wall gadgets and a larger bin.

Despite the fact they differ, both e5 and e6 cleaners will meet all your cleaning requirements.

Below, we will leave you a small guide to help you choose your future iRobot cleaner.

As we have said before, the Roomba e5 and Roomba e6 are different, but they have common elements despite that. They include:

Sensors & navigation

This is one of the most interesting common elements of both electronic cleaners. The Roomba engineers have equipped the cleaners with the most robust sensors that can beat any obstacles to a clean house. The e5 and e6 contain the technology of iRobot iAdapt navigation. Thanks to this technology, the sensors are proper and easily adapted to everything. The sensors work automatically – they travel around the house and collect the necessary information automatically. Besides, the navigation technology comes with one more important function – the objects’ detection. To serve for a long time, the cleaners do not touch the uneven items – they pass them by. This way, they try to avoid any accidents and other dangerous situations. In addition to the objects’ detection function, the Roomba cleaners also have the function of defining the items’ height. Thanks to this function, the iRobots can clean almost all corners of your home.

System of cleaning

The other common component of e5 and e6 cleaners is their cleaning system of three stages. This system allows electronic gadgets to clean any surface starting from the carpet and ending with the floor. How do they manage it? It is all thanks to the less brush roll under the cleaner and two bristles. And, of course, the e5 and e6 will not do it without their brush on the side. When the cleaners are turned on, they remove all the dirt that they find. After that, it is much easy for them to take the ground, which is inside. In the end, all of this gets outside the container. So thanks to this system of cleaning, the e5 and e6 significantly stand out among other electronic cleaners on the market.

System of control

The third thing that e5 and e6 have in common is the system of control. You can manage both Roomba cleaners through your smartphone. How does it work? Firstly, you need to download the special app to your phone; after that, you need to connect the cleaner and your mobile gadget through Wi-Fi. This application aims to collect all your commands and instructions for the cleaner plus through it you can change the time, date, methods and other things about the cleaning.

Detection of dirt and trash

The primary function of any cleaner is to discover the garbage and dirt. Here, both e5 and e6 cleaners manage it very well. The Roomba cleaning devices come with the function of determining the dirt concentration. Thanks to this function, the cleaner detects the dirt’s type and amount, and then it deals with it. Of course, it takes more time to cope with the dirt of high concentration, but it is not a big problem for Roomba gadgets.

Filter of high efficiency

In any cleaner, the filter is essential. It keeps the adsorbed dirt from not penetrating the atmosphere. For this purpose, the Roomba engineers have made the filter of high productivity and efficiency, which, when absorbing the dirt it keeps the 99% of it inside and then throws it out to the container. The Roomba iRobots take care of the air you breathe. That is why they do all their best to deliver you the air without any dust and dirt by keeping it inside the gadget. How should you wash it? You can wash it as usual – the dust cup is washed by the water. But if you want to clean the filet, before washing you need to remove it.

Method of cleaning

The Roomba e5 and 36 devices do not deliver any troubles when cleaning – they do everything in a very convenient way. It does not matter if it is carpet or floor, both cleaners will manage everything. With Roomba gadgets, you can be sure – all corners of your house will be cleaned from all the dirt. Because of their innovative features and design, the cleaners are proper for all methods of cleaning.

Now we know what common elements the e5 and e6 have. So it is time to understand what differentiates them.

  • The first thing you need to know is that Roomba e6 is an improved version of e5. That is why it can deal with all cleaning needs like e5.
  • The other thing that differentiates these two cleaners is virtual wall gadgets. As we have mentioned before, only Roomba e6 has it. As for the color, the color choices are the same, except for the pale gold and silver – you can get the pale gold only with e6 and the silver only with e5.

The other unique elements of each iRobot include:

  • Roomba e5 beats the e6 by having a robust suction and budget-friendly price.
  • Roomba e6, instead, comes with a unique ability to determine two virtual walls, plus you need only two hours to charge it completely.

So now you have a complete picture of iRobot Roomba e6 and e5. We hope our article will help you choose the cleaner that will fully satisfy your cleaning requirements. 

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