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King vs Queen bed

The full-size has been the most preferred bed size for a lot of people over the years. Recently, the queen-size bed took over the spotlight and is now slowly growing in popularity. Picking between these two can be a hard task. This is especially, if you have no idea what their differences are.

There are also other factors to consider when choosing either. These factors include the size of your home, whether you sleep alone or with someone else, your budget, and the advantages and disadvantages that come with owning one of them. This article looks at both bed sizes and highlights their differences. This will help you decide which bed works well for you.


A full-size bed is also known as a full bed or double bed. It is about 15 inches wider than the twin-size bed. It measures 75 inches long and 55 inches wide. Where two adults share it, each gets about 27 inches of space. This is about the same width offered by a crib. The bed may be a bit too short for some adults.

Sometimes, a full-size bed can only accommodate one adult. Having two adults on it can feel like a tight squeeze. Parents are also increasingly picking full-size beds for their teenagers as opposed to choosing twin size beds. This gives them enough space to sit and lie down as they grow.

full-size-bedStrong Sides

1. Cost relatively lower than queen size beds as frames, sheets, and mattresses are cheaper.

2. Not as heavy as queen size beds.


Weak Sides

1. May not be ideal for some couples.

2. May be harder to find bedding in different styles.


Queen Description


Queen size beds measure about 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. This is 5 inches longer and wider than a standard full size bed. The added inches provide extra comfort for couples. Each adult gets about 30 inches of space for themselves. However, the bed still offers 8 inches less space compared to sleeping alone on a twin bed.

Queen size beds are a great option for couples that don’t require a lot of sleeping space. They also help to leave extra space in the bedroom for other stuff. Adults that sleep alone will find the queen size bed big enough for their needs.

Strong Sides

1. Great option for couples

2. Offers more leg room

3. Has accessories that are easy to find

Weak Sides

1. Can be more expensive

2. Heavier than full size beds

3. Bedding such as bedspreads, comforters, and blankets may be too big for one person.

King vs Queen bed

Size. Starting off with the dimensions of both solutions, we have the king mattress size which is 76 x 80 inches in total. This is perfect for master bedrooms, and that’s where you’d find it most commonly. It is ideal for couples as it provides more than enough space per person.

Comfort. The comfort of both solutions would seriously depend on whether or not you’d be sleeping alone or with a partner. If you get the king and you sleep alone, this is undoubtedly an overkill. It’s widely inappropriate and unnecessary. However, it is a great choice for a couple as it would provide you with the necessary space per person.

Price. The prices of both solutions could vary wildly based on a myriad of factors. However, it’s important to note that the king-sized bed is usually going to be more expensive in comparison. And, when you come to think about it, it’s only natural. This stems from the larger dimensions of the bed. The same goes for its accessories.

Accessories. Even though the queen is far more popular than the king-sized one, both are wildly distributed and as such, finding accessories for them is incredibly easy. Literally, every specialized store that you walk into will provide you with a range of options for your queen or king-sized mattress.

King vs Queen bed on Video

King vs Queen mattresses and bed frames – so, what are the main differences? What are the pros and cons? First, let’s compare the size. The Queen bed is 60 inches wide and by 80 inches long. The King is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. That makes it about 16 inches wider than a queen bed. You ideally want a room 10 feet by 8 feet for it to fit comfortably. Queen mattresses and bed frames fit in a 9 foot by 8-foot room quite easily.

How much bigger is a king than a queen?

A typical eastern Cal King is about 110 square feet, while a typical eastern Queen is about 80 square feet.

A typical California King is 108 square feet, while a typical regular Queen is 60 to 80 square feet. A former standard king measured in at approximately 100-102 sq ft., so the California king is only 1-2 sq ft larger than the standard king.

Queen size beds are 60″x80″ or (5) feet wide by (6) feet long.

King size beds are 76″x80″ or (7) feet wide by (6) feet long.

A queen bed is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, while a king bed is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. This makes a king about 20% wider than a queen.

A California king mattress is 72″x 84″ A regular king size mattress is 76″ x 80″. They are both 4 inches longer but the biggest difference comes in width, where there is 8 inches between them. The California King is also known as a Western King, and can sometimes be referred to as an “Alaskan King” because of the size. The primary difference is that a California or Western king mattress is 4 inches wider than a standard king mattress giving more space on the sides for bedding and decor.

The width of both queen and calif king is a standard 80 inches however the length is different. A queen measures 60 inches from head to toe and a California king measures 84 from head to toe, giving an additional 4 feet of bed space.


Full size beds offer great maneuverability to teenagers, single individuals, and young adults. Couples will be happier sleeping on a queen size bed since it offers more space. A queen bed also eliminates the need to purchase another bed if the owner decides to share it with someone else. This is something that a full bed cannot offer. For this reason, it makes more economical sense to buy a queen size bed than a full size bed.

Though queen size mattresses seem to be the most popular, the king size isn’t lagging far behind. A king size mattress gives you extra wiggle room to get comfy, and according to a 2016 study from the Better Sleep Council (BSC), the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), nearly 47 percent of consumers sleep on a queen mattress and 25 percent on a king.

If a mattress of twin or full-size mattress is not suitable, it is a decent night’s sleep ticket to either a queen or a king size bed. Larger beds are also considered to be generally better, but not always the case for everyone.

Before investing in your new bed there are many considerations that you should remember. A professional sleep expert will provide you with insider tips to make your shopping experience worry-free when you visit a Mattress World Northwest showroom. And be sure to ask about our latest mattress deals!

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10 thoughts on “King vs Queen bed

  1. A king-sized bed is a hassle in lots of ways. It’s harder to make, the sheets are harder to iron, it’s harder to rotate the mattress, linens are more expensive, etc. As for whether you and your husband would prefer a king-sized bed, I guess it depends on how much personal space you need on the mattress. If you are comfortable now, then I would say stay with a queen. Most of my friends who are couples like a queen-sized bed, but my parents much prefer a king-sized bed.

  2. I think if you like a queen, go for it! Easier, cheaper, and better looking.

    I personally like our king – great for snuggling kids and big dogs on sleepovers (and I’m hoping our new dog will want to sleep with us as a grownup too!). My sister and her husband and their two cats and their 75lb dog happily lived with a queen for years. Then they started sleeping on my king guest bed…now they have a king.

    We even sleep with two separate double duvets (his light, mine heavier) and IT IS DREAMY! For everyone that has a spouse that moves around a lot – trust me, you will love separate blankets. We started when husband had undiagnosed sleep apnea and flopped around all night like a tuna in a net. I call it Scandinavian but it’s just convenient.

  3. My in-laws switched to a king when they were in their 70’s. The aches and pains of old age made them need more personal space. I always thought it sad she had to give up her bed that went with her suit.

    These things meant a lot to her. She went w/o a headboard until we made her an upholstered one. We have a queen, but the times I slept with my spouse in a king I LOVED it. As stated it is all about how much personal space you like when you are sleeping.

  4. Honestly, I wouldn’t buy a mattress based on what you might be doing 10 years from now. Life brings unexpected changes, and if we all tried to plan for all the possibilities, we’d be frozen with indecision. I have been there, done that. For example, we are currently in year 23 of what was SURELY going to be a 5 year house for us.

    We have a king, and I wouldn’t have anything smaller. DH is 6’4″ and a big guy. I am only 5’5″, but no skinny minny anymore. Moreover, I am not a snuggler when I sleep – I want personal space.

    It was also nice to have a bigger bed when the two boys were little – they got to have ‘big bed night’ on Friday night with DH, watching movies and having snacks, kind of a father-son campout. We never could have done that in a queen bed.

    However, it seems that the two of you are both very happy in a queen bed. A queen is 60 inches wide, a king 76 inches. If those 16 inches don’t matter, then go with the queen. The fact that your DH is not there half the time doesn’t matter, tho. What matters is how you both feel about the bed space when he IS there.

    Have you gone mattress shopping and both laid on a queen and a king at the same time so that you have experience with the difference? If you haven’t, that might be worth the trip before making such a large commitment.

    Or get him to take you to a nice hotel for a romantic weekend and sleep in a king!

  5. We went to a King a few years ago. We love it! One kind of interesting thing is that with today’s mattresses, you don’t flip them, they are built “top down”. With a King, it is almost square, you can turn it 1/4 turn. This has helped a lot! We have a latex mattress so the “ruts” aren’t a problem, but with the 1/4 turn every 2 or 3 months you can really tell a change for the better. If you have a Queen, then you could only turn it 180 degrees, which essentially just has you laying in your partner’s “rut”, if that makes any sense.

    But if a Queen works for you, then it’s fine and you should go for it. (Check out those Spring Free mattresses, they really are great)

  6. Have you done a floor plan to scale to see accurate circulation dimensions?
    If you give me the dimensions and door/window location I can draw a floor plan in AutoCAD and place the furniture so you can make a better decision – it will be great if you can do a freehand sketch.

    Right know, it looks to me like there are ways to conceal the bed overlapping the windows. In this moment your bedroom looks way too dark and the 3 color paint makes it to look chopped up. Once you paint it one lighter and refreshing color it will look bigger and serene even if the bed is a bit bigger.

    When we got married we had a queen bed for a couple of years. We have had a king bed for almost 9 years. We are so happy with the king bed so do not give up just yet.

  7. We have a queen bed and I wished I could talk my husband into a king! We are in our early 30s, and both of us are pretty slim and my husband is only 6′. Still, I would appreciate the extra room when we are sleeping.
    However, I am one of those people who does not like to be touched whilst I am sleeping (unless I’m really cold 😉 ), so this undoubtedly factors into it.

    Additionally, we have 2 small kids who like to come into our bed in the morning and someone is always getting kicked or complaining that they are being sat on, etc.

    When our kids were babies, I really wanted the extra room. I would bring them in bed to nurse for night feedings, and sometimes we would all doze off and then we felt *really* cramped.

    My lovely husband likes to cuddle though, and so he is loathe to give up our queen.

  8. DH and I have a queen bed and and I have no interest in anything bigger. We have stayed in multiple hotel rooms and beach houses with king size beds, and I find them so large that I feel like I’m sleeping alone. We are cuddlers, though, so I assume people who don’t want to touch at all while sleeping would find a queen bed too tight.

    We did change to a Tempurpedic mattress several years ago and we find that more comfortable than a traditional queen mattress, as movement really isn’t transferred with a Tempurpedic – so if one of us gets up in the middle of the night the other is not disturbed.

  9. My husband and I loved my king sized bed, but am now widowed and sleeping alone in it (mostly just half of it). I love my mattress and bedding too much to change right now, but if you are alone such a good part of the time, I can tell you it is almost impossible to manage a king mattress on your own. If hubby will help you flip it when he’s home, then fine, but for a woman alone it’s a hassle. I can do it, but dread it. It also is a huge chore to change and wash the bedding. You can’t lean over and reach anything on the other side of the bed, every action requires a trip around the bed. Not all the sheets and pillow cases fit in my front loader at once, they take 2 loads of washing and drying. My duvet covers are all washable, but that’s another load; the king size down comforter barely fits into the washer and takes forever to dry in the dryer, etc. If you don’t NEED a king, stay with your queen.

  10. I’d stick w/ what you’re happy w/ and what you know!

    Personally DH and I have a king sized bed in a small MBR. DH had a king sized bed in a huge MBR when we met. I’d always had a full.

    Now however I can’t ever imagine anything smaller than a king but lets face it…. had DH never had a king I never would have thought that I couldn’t live w/ anything but.

    I’m not sure how/ where queens fall inbetween a full and a king but I can’t stand sleeping in a full w/ him. I need tons of space and even if he is gone I love sprawling out in the middle of the king.

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