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Kraus Vs Kohler

When choosing the right kitchen sink for your house, it often comes down to a few factors. These factors include the material used in the construction of the sink, the number of basins, depth of the bowl, mounting method, overall size, and the style. These are some of the most important things that manufacturers also take into consideration.

Another important factor that most consumers consider is the brand. Today, Kraus and Kohler are the most popular brands. They provide kitchen sinks for almost all applications. For consumers, distinguishing between them can often be a difficult task. Below is a detailed description of the two brands and what they offer.

Kraus Description

Kraus utilizes its endless creativity and years’ worth of experience to produce quality sinks that are quite popular with folks that want to buy reasonable items for their homes. They depict durability and elegance in all products and offer them at a lesser price. You get to choose among a wide array of versatile designs even on a budget.

Most sinks are made using stainless steel. They are of high quality and ensure users get great performance from them. Their excellent construction quality makes sure they do not react strongly even when put into some rough use. It doesn’t matter how many times you use the sink during the day, it’s built to last longer and requires very little maintenance.

The design behind Kraus sinks makes them a great centerpiece for your kitchen. Some models are built with 16 gauge stainless steel and a 10” deep bowl that can fit large pans and pots. Their finishes are also versatile enough to make sure they match your home décor. Having a 16-gauge stainless steel build means that the sink is super strong and resistant to wear and tear.

A heavier gauge also translates to resistance to dents and vibration damping. In addition, the superior finish helps to conceal small scratches that may occur on the surface. Like any other kitchen sink, proper care and maintenance will help keep it looking good and functioning well for years to come.

Another important feature that Kraus includes in its sinks is a Padded and Stone Guard undercoating. This comes with an underside rubber pad that helps to absorb the noise that comes from clanging cutlery, running water, falling silverware, and garbage. This keeps your kitchen silent enough for you to enjoy doing your cleaning.


  1. Stainless steel provides extra strength
  2. Soundproofed to eliminate noise
  3. Quality and attractive design
  4. Includes accessories in its purchase
  5. High-quality finish to resist dents
  6. Costs less


  1. Stainless steel limits the number of customization options
  2. Can be heavy and huge

Kohler Description

Kohler is a brand that believes in providing great designs that will turn your kitchen into a classy and elegant space. One of its greatest advantages is providing personalized sinks that make sure all buyers are taken care of. You get several designs to meet different needs and tastes.

Kohler does this by ensuring there’s a variety of finishes and coatings to choose from. It’s one of the best choices for anyone looking to upgrade from their conventional sink to a modern and updated design. In addition, sinks are constructed to provide plenty of space to work in. This makes it easy for anyone to wash large pans and oversized bowls without worrying about space. Kohler can handle big loads at a go.

With a durable cast iron build, Kohler sinks hardly ever crack, burn, or chip. This makes them ideal for every-day usage. They are also quite durable and save you a lot of money in the long run. Some models are made using 18-gauge stainless steel, making them super resistant to stains. Kohler also invests in a lot of curvy designs that provide sound-absorption features to keep your kitchen functional and quiet at all times.

You get to choose between the double bowl and single bowl sinks. The former type allows you to wash and rinse your dishes separately. The material is also easy to clean and maintain. It remains attractive for many years when properly maintained and you do not have to worry about kitchen chemicals or stains.

Kohler also ensures that sinks produced are easy to install no matter the type of kitchen you may have. Their designs also make replacement an easy process even on contemporary kitchen countertops. Adding to the curvy designs, a SilentShield proprietary feature minimizes the noise generated from running water, disposals, and dishes.


  1. Available in multiple designs and finishes
  2. Complements most kitchen decor
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Compact
  5. Color does not fade with time


  1. Expensive
  2. Take time to maintain as some models are not scratch resistant

Overview and Conclusion

Kraus and Kohler’s sinks have great features that enhance convenience in the kitchen. When it comes to personalization and offering several finishes, Kohler gains an upper hand over Kraus. However, the brand costs more and can be very expensive if you bring in installation and labor costs. Kraus doesn’t offer as many stylish options as Kohler and neither does it provide personalization. It, however, costs less and is a great option for anyone who is working on a budget.


Is Kraus sink made in China?

Despite the fact that Kraus has a faux-German name, its products are made in China. If you’re looking to buy something that is manufactured in Germany or North America, you may have to shop from another brand.

Is Kraus a good brand for sinks?

Kraus has a good reputation for producing high-quality and durable kitchen sinks. One of its most popular products includes the Kraus Standart PRO 30-inch 16-Gauge Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink. It upholds the brand’s reputation for being a reliable and functional option that lasts long.

Should I get a 16 or 18 gauge sink?

A 16-gauge sink is slightly thicker and less costly when compared to an 18-gauge sink. The latter is 5% thinner but provides the premium quality build that you need in your kitchen. It can withstand almost anything that is put inside the sink.

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