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Maxliner vs WeatherTech

Floor mats help to protect your car’s carpets from muddy shoes, spills, stains, and dirt. Carpets hardly ever last more than 6-12 months without damage. This makes floor mats a big investment that pays off in the long run. 

Two of the most popular floor mat brands available on the market today include WeatherTech and Maxliner. Users tend to have difficulties trying to find out which is better between the two. In this post, we’ll go over Maxliner vs WeatherTech to help users make the right choice. 

Maxliner description

MaxFloormats is a floor mat lineup produced and marketed by Maxliner, a subsidiary of Kramer Accessories. They are low-density polyethylene mats that help users to dress up and protect their car floors from external elements. 

MaxFloormats are rugged, flexible, durable, and easy to handle. They are made using advanced computer modeling to make sure they fit perfectly in cars. One of their most distinguishing features is their ability to prevent gunk from spilling over. This is thanks to raised outer edges that retain melted snow, mud, and spills. 

Maxliner is cheaper when compared to WeatherTech. The brand also offers a lifetime warranty for buyers. 

Strong sides

1. Heavy-duty for passenger vehicles. 

2. No-streak surfaces are easy to clean. 

3. Deep grooves retain messes and prevent them from ruining the interior. 

4. Cost less to purchase

5. Longer warranty

Weak sides

1. May pose a poor fit for most cars. 

2. Cheaper material that may feel flimsy.

WeatherTech description

WeatherTech floor liners are made using state-of-the-art laser tools that measure every mat produced with precision. This ensures that you get a snug fit for your car’s interior with little to no differences along the contours. 

WeatherTech uses semi-flexible and heavy-duty rubber to make sure mats can withstand harsh treatment. Whether you want the trim-to-fit standard mat or the custom DigitalFit liners, you get modern looks and additional protection for your floors. 

Most users also find WeatherTech floor mats quite durable when compared to other brands. Their rubbery and thick construction allows them to stick in place better and last longer. Every purchase is backed up by a 3-year warranty.

Strong sides

1. Floor mats are incredibly precise. 

2. Odor-free, crack-resistant, and non-toxic. 

3. Last longer than other brands.

Weak sides

1. Costs more to purchase. 

2. Difficult to handle due to thick, heavy rubber material.


WeatherTech mats costs more when compared to Maxliner mats. This is due to the sturdy and thick material used in their construction and their ability to grip the floor of your car. They are ideal for heavy uses such as in trucks. However, if you need a more budget-friendly option that is still functional, Maxliner is a great alternative.


Are Smartliner and Maxliner the same?

Smartline is Maxliner’s custom-fit brand of car floor mats. It offers mats designed to last long while protecting your car floors from spills and mud.

Where are Maxliner floor mats made?

Maxliner floor mats are made in the U.S.A and are available with a lifetime warranty.

Is WeatherTech the best?

WeatherTech floor liners are built to fit perfectly and protect your car floor from spills. They are also easy to fit and remove.

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