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Moen 1200 Vs 1225

Moen is one of the best faucet companies in business today. It makes it easy for plumbers and homeowners to choose between faucets and replacement parts. The company also produces high-quality fittings that have streamlined parts.

When it comes to Moen replacement cartridges, not many people know the differences. This is especially if they have to distinguish between Moen 1200 vs 1225 cartridges. In today’s post, we’ll help you distinguish the two so that you can decide which one will best meet your needs.

Moen 1200 Description

Moen 1200 series is a good cartridge for those looking for a replacement for their single-handle bathroom and kitchen faucets. It’s built with brass both in and out, and has good construction, manufacturer support, and usability. It has been known to be stronger and more durable when compared to other series.

The 1200 series is also super easy to fix when installing it on the faucet. Its construction makes sure you do not waste any time fitting it in. In addition, it can be easily repaired thanks to its simple design. Moen also made sure that buyers get one-year warranty support with every purchase.

The fact that it comes built with brass makes it a common and simple replacement for most modern bathroom fixtures. Its construction provides for smooth performance and operation and lowers the chances of there being leakages. Plus, 1200 has great volume support that comes with temperature memory.

It also offers 180-degree rotation to allow you to change from hot to cold water. You also get to enjoy consistency where there’s an ever-shifting supply. Its tough materials also work well with most home décor. The series is quite affordable for those looking to have great performance and high-class features in a cartridge.


  1. Great choice for RVs that have Moen fixtures
  2. Easy to repair where there’s a leaky tub faucet
  3. Has one-year warranty support
  4. Built with durable plastic
  5. Has a high-quality construction overall


  1. Some find it costly

Moen 1225 Description

The Moen 1225 Series is different from the 1200 Series in that it is made of copper, stainless steel, and brass on its outer shell. It also includes Polyphenylene on its outer structure. The stainless steel bit makes it a heavy-duty faucet that is also durable. Moen made 1225 as an update of the 1200 single handle cartridge.

The Moen 1225 is also available with a clear plastic shell and internal brass piston. It offers a one-handle, durable, and simple fit for most home improvements. Shower valves that feature this cartridge are activated by pulling the handle outward and then set the temperature by adjusting the handle either to the right or left for cold or hot water.

You could say that the 1225 Series also offers volume control. You get to choose how far you want to pull the handle. Without a doubt, it is made to provide excellent value and long-lasting performance.

Its brass construction makes it easy for homeowners to repair and fit new cartridges. Plus, its design makes it friendly for kitchen and bathroom faucets. You’ll no longer have to worry about leakages. A bent cap also allows owners to remove and reinstall the cartridge when restoring their homes. This makes using them cost-effective since they do not need to be purchased all over again.

The warranty support behind the Moen 1225 is also equally great. You get long-lasting quality with a lifetime warranty for restoration. On top of that, you’re allowed to return the cartridge if it’s broken. All in all, the model comes with great features, benefits and durability. It’s the most cost-effective option under the Moen brand.


Easy to fit and install

  1. Decent price point for the quality offered
  2. Great for most bathroom and kitchen faucets
  3. Offers 2 size choices to choose from
  4. Features 1 GPM water consumption


  1. Is of lower quality compared to other Moen Series

Overview and Conclusion

If you’re looking for durability, better volume control, high quality, top-notch features all at a reasonable price point; the Moen 1200 is the way to go. However, if you’re looking for a fine adjustment, standard design, durability, great performance at a good price point, the Moen 1225 Series is a great choice for you.

When replacing your Moen cartridge, it’s important to first find out what type of shower valve you have. You can do this by taking out the shower trim and inspecting the valve. This will help you determine whether you need the Moen 1200 or 1225 cartridge.


Is there a difference between Moen 1225 and 1225b?

The Moen 1225 and 1225b are the same replacement cartridges. The “B” stands for “bulk”. It refers to the part that Moen sells to contractors in case packs. 1225 is the one that you will find at your local hardware store. However, both come from the same production line at Moen’s factory in North Carolina. Their only difference is how they are packaged.

When should you change your shower cartridge?

Your shower cartridge is not a constant part that will last forever. Similar to the brake pads found in a car, it ages and becomes less effective. Change your shower cartridge if you notice any leaking from the showerhead when it’s off, tub spout, or handle; when the shower valve becomes difficult to open or close when the shower handle becomes difficult to turn, or if you no longer get very cold or very hot water when you need it.

Why is Moen faucet leaking after replacing the cartridge?

There are several reasons why your Moen faucet is leaking after you replace the cartridge. These reasons include having an old faucet, poor water quality, and having installed the wrong type of cartridge. It’s highly unlikely that your new cartridge is faulty. However, where the quality of water is low, minerals such as calcium tend to corrode some of the faucet parts.

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