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Moen vs Delta: Which brand of Kitchen Faucet is best?

Faucets are appliances that help to provide a great finish to kitchens across many homes. They can be included amidst countertops or cabinetries. A lot of times, they are treated like design afterthoughts. Their functionality is the most important aspect that people look for first. 

While this is essential, picking the right kitchen faucet can help improve your kitchen style or add a desired flair. There are several options available on the market today that offer both traditional and industrial designs. 

Two of the most popular brands include Moen and Delta. These have been continuously pitted against each other by plumbing enthusiasts across America. The most common question that people ask is which one is better? This article will provide a description of each brand and help you to determine the right fit for you.

Moen Description

Most Moen faucets come with three finish options as standard. These include Chrome, Matte Black and Bronze. On top of that, every faucet is built to resist stains and scratches using the company’s special technology. 

In addition to matte black, chrome, and bronze, customers can also opt for Moen’s exclusive finish technology – Spot Resist. This boasts of a Brushed and Stainless Nickel finish that offers something different from what other manufacturers have. 

It prevents fingerprints and water spots. This saves users a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent cleaning. It also prevents build-up of unwanted material. Moen also offers faucets that feature hands-free technology. You get to use them without touching them completely. 

The technology is dubbed MotionSense. To activate the water, you only need to wave at the sensors which are located above the neck of the faucet or put your hand near the base. A strong force of water is also guaranteed with little to no splash. Moen faucets achieve this while saving on water used.  

Thanks to an innovative technology called Power Clean, Moen models can help take care of food remains by simply powering them off. Less water is used to emit concentrated streams that come out with more force but less splashing. This is better than using a water shield. Moen also claims that the technology guarantees 50 percent more spray power when compared to other faucets that lack the technology. 

Customers get 100% support with every inquiry. If you need a replacement or repair services, Moen ensures that there is high cooperation. The only downside to the brand is that some of its products may be a bit more expensive when compared to those of Delta. 

Strong Sides

  1. Faucets are easily repairable
  2. Pull-out designs provide unique functionality 
  3. High neck units that reach higher than average faucets
  4. Hydro lock installation technology makes installation an easy process
  5. Five finishes allow the faucets to blend into most types of kitchen décor.

Weak Sides

  1. Pull-out units come with fewer arcs compared to pull-down units

Delta Description

Like Moen faucets, most Delta faucets feature 3 standard finishes: Matte Black, Chrome and Bronze. Delta gains an upper hand by offering ten additional altered shades for kitchens. These are divided into Essa for a transitional look, Trinsic for a modern look and Leland for traditional styling. 

Also, the company uses its own technology to ensure the finish remains perfect for the longest time. Delta’s Brilliance technology prevents discoloration, tarnishing and scratching. Products have been tested against 100 household cleaners and have been discovered to remain without scratches even when subjected to steel wool scouring. 

On the other hand, the company’s SpotShield technology reduces odor and stains thanks to antimicrobial protection. This leaves users with a spotless and durable faucet. Delta also offers a unique way of controlling its faucets. 

Thanks to its Touch2o technology, all you need to do to turn the faucet on or off is to simply touch it anywhere with any part of your arm or body. You don’t have to turn the water on or off using your stuff-coating hands. 

Like the Moen faucet, Delta faucet also uses a unique way of soaking and scrubbing food. Thanks to its ShieldSpray technology, you can easily shoot a jet-like water stream at anything that sticks to your dishes. You can also opt for a water shield that contains splatters inside. 

Delta deals with replacement and repair issues as fast as possible. Consumers reported having replacement parts shipped to them at no cost just a few days after making a call. The company also ensures that customers are treated well and that there’s maximum cooperation. 

Similarly, warranties range between 6 and 7 years. Like Moen, you get a 5-year warranty if you’re to use their products for commercial purposes. 

Strong Sides

  1. Available in a variety of styles, finishes, and heights
  2. Users can choose between a jet-like water stream or water shield
  3. Hosed options help to fill pots and pans that are not in the sink
  4. Less installation time and hassle where single hole faucets are used. 
  5. Great customer support. 

Weak Sides

  1. Some minimalist options may not fit country or traditionally-styled kitchen designs.
  2. Double hole options tend to take up more space on the countertop and sink deck.

Overview and Conclusion

It’s truly difficult to pick between Moen and Delta. Both brands compete equally in style and innovation. They offer efficient solutions for kitchens no matter what décor or styling you have. They also incorporate different technologies that perform similar tasks. 

However, if you’d like more options in matters styling, Delta has a wider selection. From simple colors like black to more unique options like Venetian bronze, the company has something for everyone. 

Moen comes on top of Delta by offering more elegant options. If you’re into elegance, Moen may appeal more to you. When it comes to prices, the two brands do not vary that much. Both companies offer faucets for between $50 and $1,000. However, Delta has been considered to be less expensive in some cases.

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