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Single Car Garage Size

The first question many ask about is the size of the single car garage they can construct themselves. Before one gets started it is best to understand that unless one is a professional carpenter or has access to a large shop and a large amount of free time, building a garage can be a complex and involved process. The goal is to get a good understanding of the process so as not to waste valuable time and money.

A good place to start the search is on the Internet. There are plenty of websites offering information and in some cases, single car garage plans themselves. It is also a good idea to look into the local building codes for the area where one lives. Many locales have mandatory size requirements before one can start constructing.

Single car garage plans can vary greatly depending upon the manufacturer and intended use. Some are meant for single automobiles, while others are designed for two, three, four and more cars. One can also find a basic plan to work off of, or take a more customized approach. In either case, one should consider the size of the vehicle they intend to use the building for.

Once one has an understanding of the sizes available, the next question to answer is what materials will need to be used? Will the individual constructing the single car garage need to purchase their own equipment or rent some of the needed equipment? For instance, if the automobile is to be the main vehicle, it would make sense to purchase the tools needed to build it. If the automobile is a secondary or backup, one might consider renting the necessary tools. It will also help to have all of the building materials on hand such as screws, nails and other hardware. Again, this is where shopping online might pay off.

Now that one has the basic outline for a single car garage, the question becomes how much room is available. In order to decide on the best option, one should look at the average size of cars today. Obviously, the larger the car the larger the space required. This means that if a family has a small car, it might be better to purchase a smaller building and then expand it later. Of course, this could increase the cost greatly. However, if the garage is needed only for transportation, it will make little difference in the price.

Before purchasing a building, one should also take into account how many vehicles one wishes to accommodate. Most garages have a limited amount of space, which means one may need to purchase a building that has several spaces rather than one large space. This is especially true of larger automobiles. If the automobile is not too large, it will not take up a lot of room, but if it is big and bulky, it will eat up a lot of space.

After considering these things, one should begin looking for a building that will suit their needs. If one’s building includes more than one car, they will have to buy more than one building, so it is important to find a company that can handle such a large order. Otherwise, the added costs of buying two or more buildings could be very expensive.

The best thing for people to do if they are considering building their own garage is to determine the exact size. If one is working with a company that does single car garages, they can get a free quote online. For those who are not sure about the size or do not have the money to spend on a custom-sized garage, they can look for an off the shelf size that meets their needs.

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