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Sweepers are machines that are useful for getting rid of leaves, dirt, stones, cups and cans. They are also designed to save storage space and they’re lightweight for fatigue-free operation. In this guide, you’ll learn about additional perks of investing in a Haaga sweeper over a leaf blower. Let’s take a look at best backpack blowers.

Unique power options

There are two types of leaf blowers- electric and gas. They both require money to operate. With an electric model, you will be paying for the power needed to charge it. With a gas model, you will be paying for the gasoline required to run it.

However, there are two other types of leaf blowers- battery powered and manual. Battery powered ones are more powerful than manual ones. Manual ones are good if you want to turn your lawn care routine into a workout or if you want to have as small of a carbon footprint as possible.

Quiet and unobtrusive

Leaf blowers can be very loud and disruptive to people in your neighborhood. Sweepers, however, are much quieter and will not bother your neighbors. You will also protect your own hearing by using a sweeper instead of a leaf blower. Blowers can actually damage your ears over time if you use them too much.

They pick-up more debris

Leaf blowers are a great way to push leaves and other things out of the way. But they don’t actually pick the things up. This can be really tedious if you have a lot of space to cover. Sweepers, on the other hand, can usually clear a significant amount of debris in a single sweep.

This makes the process of eliminating leaves and other waste much less time-consuming. At Haaga, we are committed to bringing the precision and power of German engineering to the sweeper industry. You can’t go wrong with one of our products! Once you try one, you’ll be recommending them to everyone you know.

The sweeper is also much more efficient at picking up larger items. If you have a couple bags of leaves, grass clippings, or even twigs and sticks, the blower will likely scatter them all over because it only blows the material away. The sweeper can pick up larger items because it has a plastic paddle that actually pushes the debris into its collection bin.

Finally, sweepers are typically less expensive than leaf blowers. Most homeowners do not need to buy an expensive type of machine in order to keep their property looking well-maintained. This means they don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an unnecessary tool like a leaf blower when all they really need is something affordable like a simple brush or sweeper.

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